Changes to Permitted Development Rights

Image of the London skyline including all property areas inclusive of the London Plan - nearby the Thames river in London.

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The impact to residential and urban developments.

The Government recently initiated a consultation on significant proposed changes to existing Permitted Development rights. The consultation started on 9th February 2024 and it will run until 8th April 2024. In this report, you will find out more about the proposed changes, which include:

  • Larger extensions and loft conversions for homeowners

  • New rules allowing buildings to be extended upwards

  • Permission for demolition and rebuild of specific buildings as homes

  • Installation of electrical outlets and stands for electric vehicle recharging


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Permitted Development Changes 2024

Discover what 2024 holds at Eden

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Reflecting on the accomplishments of 2023, it’s clear that the year was marked by strategic thinking, thoughtful planning and investment in our people. As we step into 2024, the groundwork laid in the past year sets the stage for an impactful year ahead.


Greetings, 2024!

Eden is gearing up for an action-packed year ahead, focusing on the qualities that set us apart and drive exceptional results.


Making things happen

We pride ourselves on being skilled negotiators, proactively fostering relationships to propel projects forward. Despite the regulatory complexities in planning, we leverage our expertise to craft strategies that realise our clients’ aspirations and benefit the communities we work alongside.


Keeping things simple

Our commitment to simplicity has seen a revolution of our project management process for 2024 to ensure our continued commitment to optimal client communication. Constant improvement is at our core, evidenced by this year’s upgrade to our CRM and accounting systems. In the coming year, we’ll diligently monitor these systems to ensure they continue to simplify life for everyone involved.


Putting people first

When we say we care, we mean it. Our project choices reflect a genuine commitment to making a tangible difference in communities and people’s lives.


Thinking creatively and staying flexible

Breaking free from constraints, we embrace creativity and flexibility to stay nimble and achieve better outcomes. Creativity and adaptability are central to our way of working. Our goal is always to find smarter, more efficient ways to do things.

We will be continuing to re-define success through collaboration, idea-sharing, agility and continuous learning.


Expanding our reach and staying connected

Entering 2024, we’re prioritising regular connections. There will be plenty of opportunities to meet and engage with the Eden team at various events we plan to attend and host. We’re teaming up with our colleagues and partners to bring you a series of engaging, planning-focused events all year round. Dust off your boots for our summer series and prepare for us to ‘putt’ our spin on corporate golf.


MIPIM is the perfect spot to embrace the global buzz of the property world. This year, Becki and Donna are heading to Cannes.

It’s the perfect chance to reconnect with familiar faces and meet new, exciting collaborators. We’re all about building bridges and brainstorming fresh ideas. Let’s make plans!


Special Announcement – January 2024!

The end of January will be particularly exciting for us. We’re hosting drinks in London, on the 31st of January and we’re eager to meet as many of our clients and contacts as possible. If you would like to join us to discuss how we can collaborate and create impact in 2024 please do get in touch for more details.


Predicting the future: navigating trends and challenges

As we gaze into 2024, Eden is attuned to several key trends and challenges that are poised to shape the landscape of planning and development.


Ongoing challenges in planning

The planning system is grappling with persistent challenges, primarily driven by under-resourcing in the public sector. While the situation may not worsen further, the proposed government interventions seem insufficient to address resourcing issues in the short term. We’ll continue building and maintaining strong relationships with local planning authorities, to foster collaboration and mutual understanding.


Anticipated political shifts

Change is on the horizon, and a general election looms toward the end of 2024. Eden predicts a more pragmatic approach to changes in the planning system, aiming to stimulate housing delivery and economic growth. Optimistically, we also have our fingers crossed this may include increased flexibility regarding green belt release.


Rising construction costs

BCIS predictions indicate an upward trajectory in build costs, although the ascent is expected to be less steep than witnessed in the past two years. We can guide you in structuring planning permissions to ensure alignment of construction phases, infrastructure delivery, Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), and Section 106 payments with your project’s cash flow requirements. Our commitment extends to ensuring transparent communication with planning authorities, facilitating a smooth and successful project journey.

In the face of these anticipated challenges and changes, Eden remains your strategic partner, dedicated to navigating the evolving landscape of planning and development with expertise and foresight.


Wrapping up

A heartfelt thank you extends to the entire Eden community – our valued clients, partners and dedicated team members. Your collective support makes everything we do possible, and we’re excited to embark on the journey that 2024 holds for us together.

To stay in the loop with Eden, follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram. And mark your calendars – we’ll be in London from January 31st to February 1st, ready to connect with you. Let’s come together, exchange ideas and lay the foundation for an impactful and successful 2024.

Here’s to a year filled with collaboration, innovation and shared achievements. We can’t wait to make it happen with you all!